Poaching link suspected as lions speared to death in a remote area in Africa.

In March, three lions were killed along with one female cub when a mob chased them to a bush near a mountain village, reports the BBC.

Local officials told local media that the young cub was captured within a few days of the deaths.

The investigation revealed three «hunted lions» had been killed in the past two weeks.

An unidentified third male lion was killed alongside the cubs around 2,000 metres (6,800 feet) from the original incident, the BBC reports.

«While on patrol, locals noticed lions roaming outside of their village,» Kizi said.

The lions had reportedly been playing with a cub in the area when villagers caught up with them, he said.

The cubs had to be shot dead and the adult lion brought to a nearby sanctuary, the BBC reported.

There are now five suspected lions in the area.

«The fact that the lions were ki여주출장마사지lled in this manner is highly unusual, not just for Tanzania but for the whole of Africa and the whole world,» Kizi said.

«It is rare for lions to be killed in this manner and may have contributed to the local community’s concern for the lives of their cubs.

Image copyright AFP Image caption One of Tanzania’s most famous national parks, Gorongosa, includes many species of lion

“Caught prey”

The National Geographic Society has since stepped in to help hunt down the lions that may be responsible for the cub killings, they said.

«Today, we are joining the ranks of leading conservation organizations and our staff around the globe to help the authorities investigate how this happened and will work with the conservation피망 포커 com부천출장샵munity throughout the region,» the society said in a statement.

The Zimbabwean government has also taken several steps to ensure the animals are returned safely to their countries.

Cultural heritage sites including the area surrounding Gorongosa have been closed for the rest of the month.

A number of people are reported to have been killed in the past few days.

In October last year an unarmed lion was shot dead as he was trying to enter the national park in northern Zimbabwe.