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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warns that if climate change poses an immediate threat, it could have major effects on the international environment, such as climate change denial, and can have a profound effect on livelihoods and the societies of developing nations.

«We need to keep up and see that we do not lose much of our carbon-driven future as we lose our ability to meet the requirements of dev김해출장마사지elopment,» he said in his speech in Cairo on the first day of the Fourth World Congress on climate change.

Climate change has been named as a world concern by the UN climate change conference that meets for the third time in 2016 at The Hague.

«It is the need to adapt to the changing climate … with greater reliance on fossil fuels and a shift away from natural resources for generating electricity and the supply of foodstuffs,» he added.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warns of the need for countries to consider the consequences of climate change «especially at a global scale». Photo: Kaleem Ahmed/EPA

Ban said the world will need to consider the immediate negative consequences of climate change, including a greater concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and to ensure sustainable sources of energy are available to society.

More than 90 per cent of the world’s countries have made efforts to develop alternative sources of예스 카지노 energy, which will help to address the concerns that climate change will have a severe impact on their livelihoods, he said.

He suggested that the global community as a whole need to work together and the countries need to consider developing alternatives such as renewable and carbon-free energy sources, and not only fossil fuels, and that more should be done for adaptation measures on a global scale.

The United States was in the lead and in 2015 is expected to meet its emissions reduction goals, as well as reducing emissions from deforestation in its supply chains. A similar approach was adopted by most developed and developing nations, Ban said.

While the world will continue to meet its targets in accordance with the Paris agreement, in order to maintain an open and prosperous climate, the costs of climate change will need to be borne.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Photo: REUTERS

In fact, the UN Environment Programme found that rising temperatures are already affec점보카지노ting the lives of some of the poorest people and the countries of the world will be hardest hit by global warming, including those that depend on oil and gas, in terms of costs to finance their national security an