Taliban urges pakistan to reject foreign flood aid

NEW YORK — The Taliban has appealed to Pakistan to stop aid and reconstruction efforts for pakistan’s flood-ravaged Pashtun areas due to an impending flood.

A statement release바둑이 사이트d online by the Taliban Saturday urges Islamabad to oppose the proposed reconstruction works because the Afghan national army’s (ANA) troops would no 광주출장안마longer be able to help after a severe winter.

The statement came one day after Kabul de온카지노clared a state of emergency to assist in building up pakistan’s security.

The United States has pledged $22 million for flood-relief projects in Pashtun areas, according to media reports and U.S. State Department documents.

«There can be no hope of reconstruction if it does not begin now because there will always be the Taliban,» the Taliban said in a statement, which did not refer to any group by name.

Some pakistan tribal leaders welcomed the pakistan government’s bid to support its people in the face of the expected floods, but said foreign aid was needed before such aid could reach their own communities in the immediate future.

«The pakistani government should provide security to the communities that are under threat of losing their homes,» Abdul Razaq said.

Taliban claims responsibility for suicide attacks in India

INDIA — After three suicide bombings in Mumbai last week, militants have claimed responsibility and said the blasts were carried out by the al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent.

In a series of statements, the Pakistani Taliban blamed «mujahideen elements» — in this case, the militants in its ranks — for Thursday’s attacks.

However, a senior officer in the Pakistani Taliban said their primary aim was to take revenge on the government in Kabul, and called for a boycott of the recent international summits the international organizations are holding.

Indian officials said on Saturday that their troops responded successfully to a bomb blast that targeted a government convoy that traveled in the southern part of their country on Thursday.

According to the Indian military, four people, including a police officer, were injured when the explosive was tossed into a truck near Rajasthan in the southern state of Rajasthan. It is not clear how it was detonated.